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The True Function of a Manager

The True Function of a Manager

Unfortunately, many managers spend most of their time on things that are not “management”.  They tend to wear many hats, their time stretched in many different directions.  How do you, as an organizational leader, know if you are deploying your managers correctly?

These are the five functions that a true manager should be focused on in your organization:

1. Setting Objectives – Managers should be involved in the creation of goals relevant to their area.  They should help decide the objectives to reach those goals and the activities that are needed in order to execute the objectives.  

2. Organizing – Managers should analyze activities and decisions.  Their role should require them to organize tasks into manageable activities so that they can be acted upon.  Managers should have heavy involvement in the selection of the people who will perform the work.

3. Motivating and Communicating – In order for managers to be effective, they have to have a strong team around them.  They do this by motivating and inspiring their team members to reach their objectives.  They connect team goals with the businesses big picture outlook through their constant vertical and horizontal communication.

4. Measuring – The focus of measuring should be on the performance of the organization as a whole.  At the same time, it’s a managers responsibility to communicate the effects of their department and each team member’s performance to the whole.  They analyze and interpret team performance while helping their team members reach their highest potential in order for them to deliver their best work.

5. Developing Others – If managers are to succeed, they need to systematically set time aside to develop their team members.  Their focus should be on leveraging team member strengths rather than worrying about their weaknesses.  People are a managers greatest asset.  Without the continual growth of team members, managers will struggle to be effective.

Need help in structuring your management according to these five functions?  Please call us.  We are here to help!

-Oscar Montenegro