Aspen Business Group was founded in 1998 in the high mountains of Colorado. We believe "if we are not producing effective results for your organization, you should NOT be obligated to have us back". We operate without retainers and long-term contracts.

Our Mission

To produce real results with a shared passion for your success.

About Us

We are a management consulting and organizational development firm that helps businesses achieve their goals by working together with them to improve their bottom line and effectiveness, one employee at a time.

In short - our goal is to become your long-term trusted business partner.

We have years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. If you are ready to take the next step, we would love the opportunity to meet with you.

At Aspen Business Group, we have developed and use many tools, systems, and programs which allow you to execute and achieve your highest priorities.


We have 23 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

Our Goal is to earn the right to be your long-term trusted adviser. To do that, our processes and methods must bring true results and high returns.

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Executive Coaching

Aspen Business Group provides a complete leadership-centered coaching program critical to identifying and developing current leaders and the leaders of the future.

We provide you with the tools, systems, coaching and support to reach new heights of performance.
We will help you maximize your strengths and discover how to unlock your potential through mastering personal leadership.

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Customized Training

We create custom training by industry that is tailored to your needs through our unique program development process.

Our designers dig into your business challenges and systems; they partner with your team to identify the motivations, critical thinking, and skill-sets that need to be adjusted to successfully change behavior and drive effective results.

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Employee Surveys

We provide you clear, comprehensive, actionable survey data. Our experts work with you to turn this survey data into measurable results. With our knowledge of organizational and individual behavior, we help you understand what to measure, how to measure it, and what to do to improve it.

We will help you create actionable plans for leaders and managers across your organization. Using data from a variety of assessment tools and sources, you will be able to identify areas that need attention. Once you diagnose the problem areas, we will provide recommendations for your next steps. We also act as an accountability partner to help foster and encourage effective change within your leaders and managers.

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Strategic Planning

We will help you and your leadership team develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity on the future success of your organization.

We seek to maximize participation and input from all stakeholders throughout the process to engender a sense of “Authorship and Ownership”. This process solidifies the shared vision and mission that will help facilitate support for a successful implementation of your plan.

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PDP® Behavioral Surveys

It has been proven that when your strengths are understood and matched with the requirements of a job or workplace, you will be happier and more productive!

Of all your corporate assets, employees are the most valuable, tangible and hard to replace. Attracting, growing, and retaining the right talent can be a challenge. Your employees are like the pieces of a puzzle. Successful organizations are the ones in which all the pieces fit.

Manage your people with the same sophistication as your other mission critical programs.

PDP's collection of DynaMetric Assessments are highly accurate (96%+ accuracy rating), quick (5-10 minutes administration time) and reliable (statistically-based research on working adults).

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Our team

Our World-Class Team

Russell Disberger


Russell Disberger is the founder of Aspen Business Group, L.L.C., a company providing professional consulting services, management and leadership training, human resource development, strategic planning & alignment, value building, and technology commercialization. During the last eighteen years, he has been an advisor to over 2,250 businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions. Additionally Mr. Disberger helps managers align strategic, operational, and cultural functions and execute strategies to improve performance. His expertise is in organizational assessment, strategy, performance management, decision support and process management. His experience includes improving operations, transforming professional behaviors. Russell lectures on decision-making, business simulation, and strategy. He’s an author, speaker, radio talk show host, seminar leader, expert witness, and facilitator. Russell holds a degree from Kansas State University and has many Graduate level courses in Business Communication. He has been married for 24 years and is a father of six children. Russell enjoys youth sports and traveling with his family.

Oscar Montenegro

Senior Consultant

Oscar Montenegro helps businesses with strategy, operational, and talent development. His areas of expertise include organizational development, performance improvement, and talent management. He leverages these strengths to provide strategic direction and facilitation of initiatives related to business strategy, staff engagement and communication. He works with start-up and established businesses in implementing these key processes to maximize effectiveness and revenues across various departments. As an executive coach, he works with high-potential leaders to help them gain self-awareness, clarify their goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and acts as a sounding board. He is a graduate of Kansas State University. Oscar is married and has two children. He enjoys the outdoors, music, and traveling.

Kraig Vondran

Senior Consultant

Vondran is a senior consultant at Aspen Business Group. He has extensive experience in leadership, strategy, business development, operations and the management of companies ranging from start-ups to the $265 million division of a $1 billion organization. As a certified Strategy Professional utilizing the Balanced Scorecard, Vondran brings significant experience in building effective organizations and strategically aligning corporate efforts, with a strong emphasis on business development. He is a certified administrator and trainer of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP), a world leader in workforce research and development. He also holds a certification in Six Sigma. Vondran is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and holds a graduate degree in management and undergraduate degrees in business and accounting. He has been married to his wife Jodi for over 16 years. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his four dogs, lifting weights, golfing and boating.

Kelsey Couture Ph.D

Lead Organizational Psychologist

Kelsey Couture, Ph.D. is an Organizational Psychologist and Associate Consultant at Aspen Business Group. She has a deep understanding of the complex interactions between organizational structures, human behavior, and leadership. Her experiences include building and facilitating strategy development and execution courses for MBA students and business owners, questionnaire design and survey research for large tech companies, consulting for small businesses and school systems, and scaling tech startups in the digital asset space. Additionally, she is an executive coach, employee trainer, advisor, and scientist. Kelsey understands enhancing effectiveness and enacting change in organizations demands a systems perspective, thus she identifies root causes of problems and drives results. Her skillsets improve organizational processes such as selection, performance appraisal, training design and employee development. Through a focus on trust, leadership, and relationships, Kelsey aids organizations in transforming their cultures to enhance employee engagement, retention, wellbeing, and overall productivity. As a highly trained statistician, scientist, and psychometrician, Kelsey uses her expertise to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Given the importance of culture in driving strategy, she custom-builds reliable and valid organizational tools to actively monitor key culture variables such as employee engagement, satisfaction, commitment, burnout, trust, and turnover intentions. Kelsey is passionate about improving the virtual work experience for both leaders and teams. While pursuing her Ph.D. at Kansas State University, her research identified three pillars of effective virtual leadership: trust building, team empowerment, and high-quality communication. Practical consulting experience, paired with her scientific expertise equip her to translate hard data and science into customized solutions for every organizational area.

Jordan Disberger

Associate Consultant

Aspen Business Group’s Consultants Experience. Expertise. Energy. Enthusiasm. These are the capabilities and qualities of spirit that our consultants bring to each and every client engagement. Our consultants have an average of more than 20 years of diverse, practical experience across the full array of industries. Focused and committed to work with you every step of the way, Aspen Business Group consultants partner with you from project conception, execution and resolution. We have a talented team of professionals.

Erik Barstow

Associate Consultant

Erik Barstow has spent the last 14 years helping companies and nonprofits achieve organizational excellence through collaborative meetings and events. Solutions oriented, Erik’s focus is to help companies and individuals make measurable progress towards goals that are important to them. He is a certified administrator and trainer of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP), a world leader in workforce research and development. He also facilitates Leadership Management International (LMI) courses along with custom coaching programs to meet client needs. Married for 14 years with three children, Erik can be found coaching his children’s sports teams, fly fishing, or playing music in his free time.

Julie Kingsland

Associate Consultant

Julie Kingsland has over 8 years of talent acquisition experience. From small start-ups to large corporations, Julie focuses on sourcing candidates that align with the client’s mission, vision, and values to create an engaged, loyal, and effective employee/employer relationship. She has experience hiring seasonal, full-time, and part-time employees at various levels, including high-level leadership. Julie has recruited for industries such as retail, technology, engineering, and digital marketing. She is also skilled in supporting employee engagement and retention initiatives, performance management, talent acquisition and development, and conducting complex investigations. Julie enjoys facilitating training on topics such leadership, anti-harassment, and unconscious bias. Julie has developed policies, processes, and materials for human resources functions such as employee handbooks, new-hire orientation, and performance management. Julie is a graduate from Kansas State University. She has three children and enjoys drinking coffee, reading books, and spending time outdoors.

Jay Disberger

Associate Consultant

Jay Disberger is the founder of HopeFilled Financial Coaching – a coaching practice dedicated to helping individuals and small business live out their HopeFilled futures. HopeFilled Financial Coaching focuses on budgeting practices, understanding retirement, money in marriage, and debt freedom. Employees can experience up to 40% less productivity if they are regularly under financial stress. HopeFilled currently offers a series of workshops to train your employees how to free themselves from feeling financially trapped so they can provide you with their full potential at work. Jay Disberger is trained by "America’s trusted voice on money and business," Dave Ramsey through Financial Coach Master Training. Financial Coach Master Training is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). In addition, Jay graduated at the top of his class with B.S. and M.S. engineering degrees from Kansas State University equipping him to solve an assortment of challenging problems. He currently resides in Kansas City, MO, with his wife, Amanda, and son, Oliver.