Business Tips

Managing Talent Flow

Although workers expect compensation that is reasonable, competitive and fair, they are also looking for opportunities that money cannot buy. Employees today are placing greater importance on opportunities for growth, development and communication, rather than on pay alone.


Personal growth is a powerful motivator. Employers need to give employees the opportunity to develop their skills and capabilities, to grow within their roles, and to achieve their personal and business goals. This kind of personal development is good for them – and good for the business. What development opportunities does your business currently provide?


Employees work harder and enjoy their jobs more when their work is interesting and challenging. Organizations need to focus on bringing out the best in their people by understanding what they are passionate about and then deploying them on assignments that align with their skills, interests and growth goals. How does your business currently support effective deployment?


Personal relationships help bind employees to the organization and create a sense of shared values and purpose.
Also, as business problems become more complex, who you know becomes just as important as what you know. Help employees connect with each other through coaching and mentoring programs, and through social networks that enable employees to tap one another’s knowledge and experience. In what ways does your business currently foster connection?
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Oscar Montenegro