Making Core Values Come Alive

Discovering your organizational core values is a challenging exercise. That should be sufficient for leadership to want to engrain them into the fabric of their organizations culture. The leverage lies in the ability of leadership to make core values part of everyday work life. When organizations allow core values to be translated into working life incidents, the deeper connection they make with the culture.

Here are a few ideas:

Themes –Quarterly themes around one Core Value, challenging everyone to be conscious about observing that value in their personal and working life.

In Appraisal System – Use Core Values in your evaluation system. Having a feedback loop like 360 degree surveys partly revolve around core values can highlight employee’s efforts in living out organizational values.

Orientation – As part of your hiring, orientation, and training process, discuss core values and what each one represents. Core Values are a powerful tool when people can relate to them both in and outside of work.

Recognition & Awards – Recognize those that represent the core value of the quarterly theme or assign a different one every month. Celebrate small wins!

Everyday Leadership – When you make difficult decisions, when you have to let someone go, and when things fall through the cracks, relate to your leaders (everyone) how core values influence these type of working life situations.

Whatever the values are, they have to be anchored to the organization. If they are to become engrained into the fabric of culture, there has to be a component(s) of the business that is responsible for making them a part of everyday business life.

Need help making core values come alive in your organizations? Please call us. We are here to help!

-Oscar Montenegro