Business Tips

Effectively Rebuilding Your Teams

These are difficult times to think ahead about anything.  It’s in times like these though that we encourage our clients to have some farsightedness.  
One of the topics we’ve discussed with our clients is the art of re-building teams.  Many businesses have scaled back or have had to let go of their employees.  We realize that this is not good for anyone.  I do think there is a silver lining though. We’ll have some employees who no longer have a job come to the realization that they weren’t in the right place anyway.  All of a sudden they have an opportunity to seek out work that they truly enjoy.  We’ll also have businesses that realize that they can re-build their teams with the right people.  From our experience, these are the critical questions business owners must answer in order to effectively re-build more effective teams:
1.     What are the results that the team is trying to achieve?  (In concrete terms, what is the ultimate goal(s) of the team?)
2.     What are the key activities that the team will engage in in order to meet the results?
3.     What are the strengths of the current team members or that we will need to hire in order to achieve our key activities?
4.     What team member strengths will we match with key activities?
Answering these questions helps everyone on a team know what to do.  More importantly, each team member knows what each of the other team members is going to do. Clearly identify the result, the key activities pertaining to that result, match individual team member strengths with key activities in order to position your players to take action.
Need help building effective teams?  Please contact us.  We are here to help!
-Oscar Montenegro