Today’s business world is moving at a fast pace where leaders have fewer resources but more distractions and disruptions.  Our Executive Coaching focuses on driving performance that is systematically measurable and sustainable to help not only leverage your strengths, but also those of your team and the entire organization.

Executive Coaching Highlights

Interpersonal Leadership

We understand the set of beliefs and principles leaders use to respond to people and events are the foundation of their overall leadership.  With our partnership, we reinforce this by:

  • Developing Personal Mission and Vision
  • Discovering Values and Natural Leadership Styles
  • Promoting Personal Growth and Self-Motivation

People Leadership

Effective leaders get things done through other people.  We understand that this is not something taught in business school.  With our partnership, we shorten the gap between years of experience and practical use by creating paradigms around:

  • Vision and Communication
  • Empowerment and Motivation
  • Coaching and Team Building

Organizational Leadership

Leaders of organizations must be long-term, visionary thinkers.  At this level, leaders must understand that their performance will be based on mission-critical priorities.  Our program supports this fundamental shift by:

  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Focusing on Organizational Culture
  • Change and Innovation


Personal Organization

Talent and skills are not sufficient enough if goals and projects can’t be managed correctly.  Goals and project management is vital to the success and efficiency of your organization and team.  We facilitate the development of these skills by:

  • Dynamic Time Management
  • Goal Setting and Measuring
  • Delegation and Team Productivity


One of the keys to personal and professional success is the ability to communicate with clarity and purpose.  Effective leaders must have the ability to inspire, motivate and pursued those around them to achieve outstanding results.  

Communication failures can be costly to your organization.  They can cause lost time and effort.

Mastering the art of communication begins with bridging the communication style gap between speaker and audience.  Our structured program assures leaders are bridging that gap for successful communication and are taking as much time to develop their communication skills as they do honing their business skills by helping them:

  • Understand their natural communication style
  • Structure purpose driven communication
  • Recognize the various communication styles
  • Ensure that the proper message is understood and expectations set

Managing Change

Change is an inevitable part of business and life.  Few organizations have had success mastering the art of change.  Any change endeavor in your organization will require a systematic approach if you are to see long-term results.

Applying effective change management allows for sustained change that lifts organizations to deliver greater results. Aspen Business Group’s leadership and management tools will help you mobilize your staff to drive change initiatives through your organization by:

  • Developing a concrete change vision
  • Aligning and preparing staff for positive change
  • Empowering broad-based action
  • Incorporating change into business culture

Team Building

Building high performance teams propels organization to achieve superior results through strengthening individual and team performance.  Through the defining of the team environment, its purpose, and intended outcomes, teams can create quantifiable action plans that deliver above expectations time and time again.

Understanding team culture is vital to building highly effective teams.  We will help you unite team identity, purpose, and goals by:

  • Connecting individual strengths and skill to team role
  • Fostering trust through mutual respect
  • Establishing team accountability and trust
  • Developing and implementing action steps

Develop competencies for future goals

Developing a leadership pipeline takes time, patience, and requires you to identify strengths in employees at all levels of your organization.  We understand that identifying and assessing potential leaders can be difficult.  Building the proper leadership competencies in your staff can be the difference between a thriving organization and one that will struggle to survive.  

Aspen Business Group’s succession planning process will help you prepare you organization for long term growth through:

  • Understanding the key future competencies your organization needs
  • Identifying and training high potential employees
  • Developing customized leadership programs to shorten competency gaps
  • Defining common language and standards by which succession planning decision are made